Property Management

Being a family owned firm we look at every property as if we owned it ourselves. Taking care of your nest eggs is of prime importance to us. 

Our property management services include:

  • Assisting you in renting your properties. Finding the correct fit for a renter and your rental is truly important.
  • Military families tend to stay close to bases, families using government assistance fit into certain areas and tend to be long term tenants.
  • Verifying potential renters’ income and credit.
  • Assisting you to draw up and execute a month-to-month or long-term contract.
  • Following up with tenants.
  • Keeping your property in a clean livable condition.
  • Handling properties whose renters become delinquent.
  • Contacting the tenant and trying to assist with any problems.
  • Keeping you informed.
  • Issuing a notice for eviction if necessary.
  • Evicting the tenants and notifying the county sheriff if necessary
  • Cleaning and restoring the property to rentable living conditions